Just feel like updating

Im currently doing my internship. 3 months done, 3 months left. Couldn't wait any longer. I learn nothing but being a slave. 

Hows life? better but not best, yet. 
New people around me teach me so much. They teach me both, good and bad. It's balance. 

D teach me so much abt life. We never ran out of topic. I don't know until when will we be attach to one another. It has been 5 months and i wonder how is the end of us gonna look like? Siapa akan tinggalkan siapa dulu? 

While on the other hand, H kind of makes my heart flutter whenever he's around me. When mom ask me which guy do i prefer? i answer H. But tbh D somehow know how to treat me, gives attention to me like im someone important. 

I honestly dont know. 

Whatever the love story is, at this moment, i feel like I need to focus on myself more and only. Need to improve myself and be the best version of me and the goods will come after. Aren't them?
I officially hate how feeling works. Whether it is love, hate or whatever it called. I sincerely hate 


Sometimes I don't really understand what I feel. It's confusing me. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad with the situation, with what is happening. Sometimes I think I should be happy with the situation but my feeling tell me that I  actually wasn't. Sometimes I think I am really sad, but deep down I am actually happy for what is happening around me. Lol its hard to be me, but I didn't want to be anyone else. Do not talk to me when I am not in the mood to talk. You might hurt, so bad. I don't want anyone to get hurt by my words. So when I need my own time, give me space. Thank you in advance.

Yang sebenarnya i tengah sedih ;( that unwanted feeling bitch. Its killing me inside out xx

New semester!

Hey! So yeah, its been a month since the new semester has started. Everything seems different from the past first and second semester. Biasalah, junior year takkan sama dengan tahun seterusnya. Baik dari segi kawan, hostel, foods and everything lah senang cakap lol. Every week is a hectic week, for me. Tambah lagi sekarang dah duduk asrama luar from campus. So pergi balik class semua kena melang0k tunggu bas. I dont like that. If only I have my own car ;)

So the past two weeks before which is on 'raya haji' week, I went to Kota Kinabalu Sabah with my girlfriends as known as porengers hahaha azzah, core, sina and jiha. Orang raya raya pakai baju kurung cantik cantik kitorang pergi naik ferry dengan backpack hahaha Thank god I have them hmm alahai gais stay with me up and down, stay with me through thick and thin. You girls are my life here! So, stay.

Baru sebulan away from home dah homesick teruk. Midsem mama kata tak payah balik sebab sekejap sangat and masa tu pun dia kerja. So no one at home ((((; Haven't decided where to go on the midsem break with the girls yet. Nak sangat pergi Semporna!! The view will surely so fascinating aaaaa I want to go there pretty please. We girls ada rancangan nak pergi sana jugak but tak tahu lagi jadi ke tidak. Wait and see!

my mistake

It was a big mistake i guess. I shouldn't do that right? Im so sorry Im too emotional and salah aku sebab terlampau ikut emosi. I was just woke up at that moment & its nora having her perangai before period. Cry for no reason, sensitive over stupid things haih senang cakap mmng semua orang tak akan faham. Sebab apa? sebab aku pun tak faham diri aku bila "waktu" macam ni menerjah datang. I just hate being myself so i dont put the blame on someone yang benci aku jugak. It's like "hey u hate me? yeah me too! give me 5". What i really want right now is to go home. Thats all. Is that too much? I guess not ;(

Final exam is around the corner. I will try my best padahal hati ni dah dekat rumah dah. Macam dah tak ada feel nak belajar help me hm

Im just too sad

3 months away from home!

Assalamualaikum & hi. As stated, its been 3 months away from home omg ive been crying a lot like seriously ha ha ha i miss my family so much its slowly killin me inside. Cant wait for January omg omg omg cepatlah January datang pls tapi cuti sem bulan satu ni, kira-kira tak sampai sebulan pun ay sho shad. & for your information, i dah fikir or senang cakap buat list bila balik nanti who i wanna meet what im gonna eat what time should i wake up every morning what to buy when why how hahaha you cant stop nora when shes over excited you just cant. What you have to do is just sit down and watch her exciting by herself lol..

Culture shock? Yes masih ada haha first, waktu dekat sini cepat satu jam daripada semenanjung. pukul 6 pagi dah macam pukul 8 pagi ahah & i still nak sesuaikan diri dengan bahasa dekat sini. Kalau boleh, bila bercakap bahasa sini, tak nak ada dengar slank semenanjung(lupa diri) hahah and then dekat sini, tempat paling tenang i pernah hidup (trust me) should highlight this one out right? Kalau nak rasa suasana tenang untuk vacation, boleh la try dekat sini. Boleh try palm & beach resort dekat hujung pulau ni, thorbaik. I still dont have many like 'so many' friends here lol the less u have, the better kot nora sebab nora is that kind of gurl yang tak reti jaga hati orang. Gurau sangat kasar and hah senang cakap mmng tak reti nak jaga hati! no worries i hate myself too

Okay study pulak, so far......okay....... except! programming subject is quite tough for me ugh need more revision on programming. Bcs dah janji nak dapat 3.5 above for this sem(not that easy i know) huhu i try my best ye mama and ayah 

Last sekali, kalau mama kata dia nak menantu then i bawak balik satu OK thats all bye!  

sabah here i come

so hello is everything fine there? here, not really but "yeah fine" type of reaction. lol so another two weeks, Im going to labuan, sabah. Hey come on nora, chill. Bukan tak balik, kan? so enjoy your four years degree life there. To be honest, rasa excited yang amat hehe kalau fikir, ya jauh dari rumah tak boleh balik selalu but new thing ever in my life terbang merentasi lautan and theres no "mama tolong itu, mama tolong ini". Its all by yourself now nora. You are a big girl now, no more crying for parents to be there anymore hehe nah now im starting to sobbing helllllllllL. So bila balik nanti umur dah dekat 25 so target balik, KAWIN luls. Ma im good at joking ma iam actually funny in real life shut up. So persediaan pergi sana? ticket flight dah beli thats all. ha ha ha nothings ready at all memandangkan im working for fun now. Tapi tomorrow will be my second last day sobs pretty sad to leave but apakan daya, and after resign baru buat persediaan gila bahabi punya ((malasnya)) i wonder yang akan masuk degree jugak this intake tak malas ke nak cetak itu cetak ini sijil sijil semua ey go to hell menyusahkan hidup betul dengan medical check up nya lahai semak (so im officially emotional) and broke cs i need like-a-lot of new outfittt weh dekat matriks dulu pergi kelas hari hari baju kurung not anymore siapa yang nak gosok baju everyday kan no wayyyyy